Guest Blogging: Question on its Existence

guest-blogging-deadUntil now, we all know that Guest blogging is one of the best and widely used link building practice around the world. But, recently Matt Cutts – head of Google’s webspam team, wrote in his personal blog that Guest blogging is dead. As per his words –

“Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.”

But before going into the deep, let’s discuss in brief about Guest Blogging:

What is Guest Blogging?

When someone offers to write and post an article on third party websites or blogs and in return ask for an incentive in form of a link to manipulate his or her own website’s search engine rankings is termed as Guest Blogging.

Problem with Guest Blogging:

There is no doubt that Guest Blogging has served a very good purpose as far as generating quality content, but recently many people have misused this practice to offer and post spam content to other websites just in order to gain a link for their own websites.

As a result of this, there has been a lot of discussion over the topic among various top SEO marketers and on various top SEO forums around the world regarding the authenticity of Guest Blogging as a leading link building practice.

But after Matt Cutts recent blogpost on Guest blogging all such discussions, has come to an end and now people will have to re-think before indulging in Guest Blogging, as one of their leading link building practice for SEO purposes.

Future of Guest Blogging:

After Matt’s blog posts there are rumors – Whether Google will plan for a algorithm update to curb the Guest Blogging Spam?

But Matt answers this question in his blog where he mentioned:

There are multiple benefits of Guest Blogging – Exposure, Branding, Reach, Community Participation etc. He also mentioned that the Guest blogging existed way before Google and will continue to exist in future as well, but he stressed on using Guest Blogging option from authentic bloggers only. He warned not to spam this technique just for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Changes in Search Engine Ranking Factors Over Time

Over the years we have seen a change in Search Engine Working. Same way their ranking factors have also changed. Lets check it out how different search engine ranking factors have changed over time with the help of an Infograph.

Sources: SEOMOZ

SEO Practices After Google Panda and Penguin Updates

Google Penguin Update – Anchor Text Over Optimization Issue

Hi Friends, recently the SEO world has been hit by number of Google Updates, be it Google Panda 3.6, Google Parked Domain Bug or the latest one i.e. Google Penguin. After all these recent updates many webmasters or website owners have showed their anger towards Google for being partial and tried to benefit their own paid results. Not only this many webmasters have shown search results after these updates which shows that somehow and somewhere all these updates are made and launched to benefit only Google’s Paid Results not the search quality.

Natural Anchor Text ProfileMany top webmasters are now giving their different theories about optimizing the website and how to draft the link building tactics to cope up with all these changes especially Google Penguin, which is particularly targeting sites which have over optimized their anchor text. So, what comes out of all these theories is that, sites which have only used one or two set of keywords as their anchor texts have suffered a lot as far as Search Engine Rankings are concerned.

How to optimize the anchor texts after Google Penguin Update?

After reading many articles and theories by different webmasters, I can say that we should have a Natural Looking Anchor Text Profile. But how this Natural Looking Anchor Text Profile will look like?

So, here is the brief idea about the natural looking anchor text profile:

Maximum of the anchor texts should target their brand name; webmasters can mix their brand names with their targeted keywords as well (but not always). In addition, to this they can also target other words as anchor texts / keywords such as click here, visit this website etc. and now comes to the exact anchor text match, we should link to them but it should be occasionally i.e. not more than 10 – 20%

For your reference I have prepared a table here to show this natural anchor text profile in percentages:

  • 55 – 60% – Should Link to Brand Name (Occasionally with Targeted keywords)
  • 25% – 30% – Should link to other words like – Click here, visit this site
  • 10% – 20 % – Should link to exact match anchor texts – Best Website Marketing Company

ComScore’S Report Reveals Shocking Results for Social Media Industry

ComScore Report - Social Media IndustryI have just read a blogpost on Searchenginejournal and simultaneously saw a picture in Pinterest, which was bit shocking to me. As per the blog post I came to know about that Google + surpassed 90 million users and this is mainly because Google now creating Google + accounts of all Google Email Users. According to Recent comScore report reveals Google + users are only averaging a total of 3 min / month on Google +. As a result “The Wall Street Journal” mentioned Google+ as a “Virtual Ghost Town”. The findings of ComScore Report are as:

Facebook: 405 minutes
Pinterest/Tumblr: 98 minutes
Twitter: 21 minutes
LinkedIn: 17
MySpace: 8
Google+: 3

Just want to add more that the results are shocking that Twitter and LinkedIn are having much less figures than Tumblr and Pinterest. These results have indicated the growing power of Pinterest in Social Media Campaigns. So, it’s a good signal to Webmasters and Internet Marketers around the world to get benefit from this new opportunity created by Pinterest.

Source – SearchEngineJournal / Wall Street Journal / Marketing Land


Google Places / Maps Optimization Tips

Following factors are important for Optimizing your Google Places / Maps Listing.

Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP): If you want to rank for keywords related to a particular city, you better be located in that city. So, include the address of that city for that particular city.

Also the same address should be displayed as consistently as possible on each and every place where the business is listed. On your website, in your local yellow pages books, in your chamber-of-commerce, and in online directories, try to make sure your NAP is written identically. Avoid using call tracking numbers.

Use regular text on Web-Pages for Business phone number, and write it in the telecommunication E.164 standard format or else write it formatted in one of the two top options with parenthesis and a dash or just with dashes: (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890.

Keyword in business name: Including Targeted keywords in the business name is also considered important to rank high on Google Maps / Google Places. Google pay attention to “citations” or “references” from authoritative directories in determining rankings and in confirming the reliability of businesses’ NAP information.

Google gives more weightage to citations from well-established internet yellow pages and other industry-specific online directories. In addition, to these authoritative sites, Google also gives preference to local authority sites such as – chambers of commerce, newspapers, local blogs, local charities, fraternal organizations, local schools (including universities and community colleges), local radio stations and local TV stations

Landing Page Optimization:It is advisable to use State and City Name in your Meta Tags (Meta Title, Meta Description). Also add your address to your web pages.

Business Categories: Business should be categorized correctly.

Reviews and Ratings for Business: Reviews and ratings for business listings can also help in getting more importance from Google. But avoid fake reviews.

Images, Videos & Coupons: Including Images, videos and coupons in your listings is not a ranking criterion. But images and videos within your listing provides you with the opportunity to link more targeted keywords with your business listing, there can provide an additional chance to appear in the search results.

Buying a Google Tag: Google Maps has a Tag Advertising System, which helps to get higher visibility and also helps to get more CTR (Click through Rate), because of bright yellow tag on your website listing. Although, Google Tag does not guarantee top rank in the Google local list but, it improves your visibility and CTR.

Right Keywords For Your Website

If you are planning for a website primarily with the intention of attracting visitors  via organic search engine results, then proper keyword research is essential. Without the right keyword research, you could waste weeks, months, even years trying to compete for the top spot on major Search Engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo.. without any luck. In this article I’ll give you the basics of keyword research, so you won’t make those same mistakes.

The first thing to do is to determine the basic idea of your site. This is sometimes referred to as ‘seed’ keyword, as you can use this one keyword to get many others. For example, if your site is about “how to invest in the stock market”, then your seed keyword may be “stock market.” Of course, if you were to try and rank for this particular term, it would take quite a bit of time and effort as this is a very generic keyword and many big players having tons of backlinks and content on their website are already there on the top slot. So, this could prove fatal to choose this keyword as your main targeted keyword. So, what should you do?

Specific Keywords or Long Tail Keywords:

Next you need to choose some less generic, and more specific keywords. For example you might choose, “stock market investing,” or, “how to invest in stock market” or “tips to stock market investing”.

Things to look for Choosing Keywords:

  1. When you check out various keywords, you’ll need to take note of two things. One is the amount of traffic, or number of people looking for that particular keyword in the search engines.
  2. The other is the Number of Competitors, or other websites that are using that particular keyword phrase or are competiting for that keyword.

Of course, the best case scenario is to find a keyword phrase that has a high amount of search traffic, or lots of people looking for that keyword, and a low amount of competition, or very few other pages / Websites are centered around that particular keyword phrase.

There are plenty of ways you can search for keywords. You can use Google Adwords keyword tool, which is free. There are also plenty of other keyword tools out there (Wordtracker or Overture). In addition, to these you can also take advantage of Google Instant resutls and also from Yahoo Answers to look for which keywords Google think is important or for which keywords people are looking for information on Yahoo Answers.

Now, once you’ve identified your keywords, it’s time to optimize your site around them. That involves making sure that, these particular keywords are used throughout your site. So, it doesn’t mean that you will stuff your website pages with these keywords. Instead you will have to maintain a good keyword density (Ideal *Keyword Density is 3% -5 %) on your website pages.

If you put in enough effort ahead of time, your site should stand a pretty good chance of getting to the top ranks of Search Engines and found by others. In addition, you need to have a good content on your website to rank better on search engines.

*Keyword Density – Number of keywords / Total number of Keywords

How Instant Previews Works

When you type a query into the search bar you will notice that a magnifying glass icon now appears next each page result.

To activate Instant Preview click once on the magnifying glass. The preview will then appear in the white space to the right of the search result. The image can vary in size but Google designed it so previews will never cover search results. It will however cover up the PPC ads displayed on the page.

The preview shows a snapshot of the most relevant sections of the web page. Google even goes a step further and highlights where on the page search terms appear and zooms in so the terms can be read clearly. This is referred to as the call out.

Another feature in Instant Previews is the tear, which is when the page appears to be torn in the preview. The purpose of the tear is to show the overall context of the page but also include the most relevant sections.

You can view previews of the other results by hovering over them with your mouse or scrolling using the up and down arrow keys. The image displays within one-tenth of a second from the time the searcher moves to the next result. To deactivate instant preview all you have to do is click again on the magnifying glass icon

What Is Google Instant Preview?

Google Instant Preview

So, what exactly is Google Instant Preview? The first thing to note is that Google Instant Preview is not Google Instant, but an extension of the instant search concept.  This new feature provides searchers with a snapshot of each website right on the results page.  It will save searchers time as they make quick judgments of the relevancy of sites without having to leave Google.

This isn’t the first time search engines have attempted to incorporate visuals into search results. In 2004, launched their Binoculars feature to provide a sneak preview of web pages, although this feature no longer appears to be active on the site. In 2009, Bing was launched with the Quick Previews feature that provides a text summary of the information displayed on the web page.

Instant Previews has combined these two ideas together providing users with both an image of the page and highlighting relevant text from the page to speed up the decision-making process.

Significance of SEO Companies in the Competitive Web World

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the key as far as getting success in the online business. Without proper Google optimization no website stands a chance to do well in the highly aggressive web market. This compels any online business to take on an SEO Optimization Company.

However, SEO Companies can only achieve massive reputation in the internet world if they are professional and provides high quality website optimization.

In simple words SEO is a process used for the promotion of online business. In this process, the web page is structured in such a way so that it can be easily and swiftly accessed, read and indexed by the search engines. If a marketer follows a few easy and simple steps, he can gain online presence and reputation for the company’s site.

SEO has become an indispensable part of online marketing. Effective use of this tool can give wings to your online business while not using it rightly can play chaos with it.

There is a continuous rise in the number of people creating their own ecommerce sites or online businesses because they know there is good money from them. These also brought about new and an innumerable of services that help these businesses achieve their goals. The most important helping hand to these businesses is of SEO companies.

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