What Is Google Instant Preview?

Google Instant Preview

So, what exactly is Google Instant Preview? The first thing to note is that Google Instant Preview is not Google Instant, but an extension of the instant search concept.  This new feature provides searchers with a snapshot of each website right on the results page.  It will save searchers time as they make quick judgments of the relevancy of sites without having to leave Google.

This isn’t the first time search engines have attempted to incorporate visuals into search results. In 2004, Ask.com launched their Binoculars feature to provide a sneak preview of web pages, although this feature no longer appears to be active on the site. In 2009, Bing was launched with the Quick Previews feature that provides a text summary of the information displayed on the web page.

Instant Previews has combined these two ideas together providing users with both an image of the page and highlighting relevant text from the page to speed up the decision-making process.

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