How Instant Previews Works

When you type a query into the search bar you will notice that a magnifying glass icon now appears next each page result.

To activate Instant Preview click once on the magnifying glass. The preview will then appear in the white space to the right of the search result. The image can vary in size but Google designed it so previews will never cover search results. It will however cover up the PPC ads displayed on the page.

The preview shows a snapshot of the most relevant sections of the web page. Google even goes a step further and highlights where on the page search terms appear and zooms in so the terms can be read clearly. This is referred to as the call out.

Another feature in Instant Previews is the tear, which is when the page appears to be torn in the preview. The purpose of the tear is to show the overall context of the page but also include the most relevant sections.

You can view previews of the other results by hovering over them with your mouse or scrolling using the up and down arrow keys. The image displays within one-tenth of a second from the time the searcher moves to the next result. To deactivate instant preview all you have to do is click again on the magnifying glass icon

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