Google Places / Maps Optimization Tips

Following factors are important for Optimizing your Google Places / Maps Listing.

Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP): If you want to rank for keywords related to a particular city, you better be located in that city. So, include the address of that city for that particular city.

Also the same address should be displayed as consistently as possible on each and every place where the business is listed. On your website, in your local yellow pages books, in your chamber-of-commerce, and in online directories, try to make sure your NAP is written identically. Avoid using call tracking numbers.

Use regular text on Web-Pages for Business phone number, and write it in the telecommunication E.164 standard format or else write it formatted in one of the two top options with parenthesis and a dash or just with dashes: (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890.

Keyword in business name: Including Targeted keywords in the business name is also considered important to rank high on Google Maps / Google Places. Google pay attention to “citations” or “references” from authoritative directories in determining rankings and in confirming the reliability of businesses’ NAP information.

Google gives more weightage to citations from well-established internet yellow pages and other industry-specific online directories. In addition, to these authoritative sites, Google also gives preference to local authority sites such as – chambers of commerce, newspapers, local blogs, local charities, fraternal organizations, local schools (including universities and community colleges), local radio stations and local TV stations

Landing Page Optimization:It is advisable to use State and City Name in your Meta Tags (Meta Title, Meta Description). Also add your address to your web pages.

Business Categories: Business should be categorized correctly.

Reviews and Ratings for Business: Reviews and ratings for business listings can also help in getting more importance from Google. But avoid fake reviews.

Images, Videos & Coupons: Including Images, videos and coupons in your listings is not a ranking criterion. But images and videos within your listing provides you with the opportunity to link more targeted keywords with your business listing, there can provide an additional chance to appear in the search results.

Buying a Google Tag: Google Maps has a Tag Advertising System, which helps to get higher visibility and also helps to get more CTR (Click through Rate), because of bright yellow tag on your website listing. Although, Google Tag does not guarantee top rank in the Google local list but, it improves your visibility and CTR.

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