Google Penguin Update – Anchor Text Over Optimization Issue

Hi Friends, recently the SEO world has been hit by number of Google Updates, be it Google Panda 3.6, Google Parked Domain Bug or the latest one i.e. Google Penguin. After all these recent updates many webmasters or website owners have showed their anger towards Google for being partial and tried to benefit their own paid results. Not only this many webmasters have shown search results after these updates which shows that somehow and somewhere all these updates are made and launched to benefit only Google’s Paid Results not the search quality.

Natural Anchor Text ProfileMany top webmasters are now giving their different theories about optimizing the website and how to draft the link building tactics to cope up with all these changes especially Google Penguin, which is particularly targeting sites which have over optimized their anchor text. So, what comes out of all these theories is that, sites which have only used one or two set of keywords as their anchor texts have suffered a lot as far as Search Engine Rankings are concerned.

How to optimize the anchor texts after Google Penguin Update?

After reading many articles and theories by different webmasters, I can say that we should have a Natural Looking Anchor Text Profile. But how this Natural Looking Anchor Text Profile will look like?

So, here is the brief idea about the natural looking anchor text profile:

Maximum of the anchor texts should target their brand name; webmasters can mix their brand names with their targeted keywords as well (but not always). In addition, to this they can also target other words as anchor texts / keywords such as click here, visit this website etc. and now comes to the exact anchor text match, we should link to them but it should be occasionally i.e. not more than 10 – 20%

For your reference I have prepared a table here to show this natural anchor text profile in percentages:

  • 55 – 60% – Should Link to Brand Name (Occasionally with Targeted keywords)
  • 25% – 30% – Should link to other words like – Click here, visit this site
  • 10% – 20 % – Should link to exact match anchor texts – Best Website Marketing Company
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